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Just like a Transformer, the BDSL30  level is “more than meets the eye.” Black and Decker’s new 24″ 3-in-1 “Gecko Grip” level crams power and speed into a compact little offering. The fun part: it’s basically a normal 24” level with a torpedo level that slides into one end.

Once free of the beam level, the torpedo also functions as a stud finder. So it’s a triple threat in a nice form factor for less than $30. If that doesn’t have “great gift idea” written all over it, we’re not sure what does.

The “Gecko” part of the name comes from the rubber caps most metal beam levels are sporting these days. We like the caps, but the real star of the show is the system’s multi-function nature. The Gecko Grip may not be the end all be all of level accuracy, but hanging a shelf would be pretty simple with one of these around.

24″ Gecko Grip 3 in 1 Level [Black and Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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  1. AndyT says:

    I ran the level gauntlet over the weekend and had to pass up the wazoo BD gizmo levels and FatMax versions for a conventional 42″ Johnson. Size matters and it was cheaper also.

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