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Lowes is prolonging their Black Friday promotion of $10 for an Irwin 63 piece bit set. For this ridiculously low price you get 43 screwdriver bits, and 20 drill bits — 15 black oxide split points along with five spade bits.

From the looks of the above photo-chopped image taken from its product page, this may be a special Lowes-only bundle. Several Lowes stores in my area still have several dozen sets each, so there’s no need to rush to the store just yet.

After purchasing a set for myself, though, I have a few observations to share. The spade bits are Speedbor bits, but without the blue accent coating. A similar six-piece Speedbor set is street priced at $10, so the missing coating is nothing to get too worked up over — given the savings. The drill bit set is decent, ranging from 1/16″ to 3/8″ with duplicate 1/16″ and 1/8″ bits. The “contractor” driver bit set is a bit disappointing though, with only nine unique sizes and a magnetic holder, but it should suffice for 90% of one’s needs. All in all, you definitely get your money’s worth.

Don’t forget that orders over $49 are eligible for free ground shipping.

Irwin 63 Piece Bit Set [Lowes]


10 Responses to Dealmonger: Irwin 63 Piece Bit Set For $10

  1. Curtis says:

    I just clicked through your link and they are now listed as $24.97. Is this just an un-marked in-store special?

  2. I have tried several zip codes and they all came up with the same $9.98 price. It is possible that the promotion is only available at certain locations.

    Try entering another zip code and see what happens. What you can do is order it online from that zip, or print out the page and have it pricematched at your local Lowes.

  3. Curtis says:

    Ahh, that was the trick, had to add a zip code. Once I did that it popped right up at the $9.98 price.


    — C

  4. Ken says:

    went to Lowes site and price is 24 bucks.no mention of $10.

  5. Ken says:

    oops jumped the gun. Thanks Curtis

  6. Casey H says:

    thanks! just got one today! i break alot of spade bits on nails and such, and usually go for the cheap HF bits, but these will be nice and perhaps hold an edge!

  7. George says:

    have had it for one hour. so far…broke 4 #2 phillips drivers and 2 1/8 bits. crap. the cases are nice and reusable though

  8. One of my cases is defective and doesn’t close unless I use superhuman strength to realign the two halves.

    George, how would you compare these bits to those you’ve previously used? What I mean is, did you abuse your bits, or are they just “economic” grade products?

  9. George says:

    idk. i usually use irwin bits but of the higher quality. all i was doing was fixing a door frame here at work. so if three screws took three bits. then i’m not even sure this could be called economic

  10. I meant economy/budget/cheapest possible grade. I recommended and purchased this set myself given Irwin’s typical level of quality. Let’s hope that your bad experience with the set is a fluke occurence.

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