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If the hearing the name Lam-Hammer for the first time, you imagine a tool that might be used on the farm, you have a sick mind. This tool is designed to simplify the installation of laminate and engineered flooring. And its built-in slide hammer beats the hell out of trying to swing a hammer in a tight space.

To install the last piece of laminate against a wall or cabinets, you usually have to use a hammer and pull bar (or a pry bar) to snap the piece into place. With the Lam-Hammer, you just hook it over the end of the laminate and use the integrated slide hammer. Only the plastic spacer ring touches the flooring surface minimizing scratching.

Manufactured entirely in the United States, Lam-Hammer, Inc. creates their “Lam-Hammers” from high-quality steel and polypropylene. They powder-coat the steel for long-lasting protection against rust.

Lam-Hammer offers three versions: the Standard, the Atlas, and the Titan weighing 5 pounds, 6 pounds, and 7 pounds respectively. The Standard is designed for laminate floors, while the Atlas and the Titan are designed for engineered floors and subfloors. The three models run $85, $95, and $100. For $25 you can buy a 6″, 9″, or 12″ extension for reaching under dishwashers and radiators.

Lam-Hammer [kneeblades.com]


7 Responses to The Unfortunately-Named Lam-Hammer

  1. FRED says:

    While these seem neat – there are other alternatives.
    Taylor Tolls makes what they call a “power shunting device” – their part # 375-03 that sells for about $50.
    You might also buy any of the various automotive slide hammer pullers – up to and including the heavyweight ones from Morgan. Most of these have a threaded end on the slide bar – to which you might attach a bracket similar to these tools.

  2. Jim K. says:

    Hmm… Still a better name than Jan Hammer. 😉

  3. l_bilyk says:

    When I had to do a repair on some pre-finished hardwood flooring I used a regular OTC slide hammer to do just this.

  4. KMR says:

    I agree, for less than $30 you could make buy a regular slide hammer kit that has a threaded end. Cut a piece of angle iron, weld on a nut to fit the threads on the slide hammer, and you’ve got yourself the tool above.

    Summitracing currently has a slide hammer kit on clearance. $15.99 for a slide hammer plus a half dozen attachments. (Keep in mind Summit has a flat $10.95 “handling” – I mean shipping – fee).

  5. While I would agree that a DIYer probably would be able to put something similar together for less, I think this is targeted at the professional or maybe the home owner who really isn’t that handy. If a professional installer spends an hour building a home-made lam-hammer, that’s one hour he’s not billing.

  6. t clark says:

    but ben that less than an hour he spent building the tool makes him untold amounts in the future. as my boss used to say “an hour making a jig that will make 5000 parts is well worth the $15 an hour i pay you” i made a lot of jigs for that old man. last time i went to visit him they are still using jigs i made 10 years ago.

  7. t clark,

    Yes, what you say is very true, unless you can already buy that jig for a reasonable price. Say it takes you an hour (at $15) to build your jig plus material cost ($10), but you can buy it for $30. It might look like your better off making the jig, but you might not get get the jig to work correctly the first time and have to build it again. Now your starting to lose money compared to buying the jig. Sometimes it works out better to build, sometimes to buy.

    I put in my own laminate floor a while ago, I decided to do it myself because they were charging a whole lot more that $15 an hour for installation.

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