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Curb Machine

Everyone wants that curb-and-gutter finished look for their driveways, but most of us are afraid to ask what it’d cost. Here’s a possibility of doing it on the cheap: you could buy Harbor Freight’s Curb Machine. The Curb Machine includes three different curb molds — flat mower style, curb style, and slant style. This 42″ x 19″ by 34″ machine runs on standard 115V power, so get out your extension cords if you have a long driveway.

Apparently, this same machine is sold nationally for $2,995, but since we’re talking Harbor Freight the price is a slightly lower $600. If you are the intrepid do-it-yourselfer, how can you pass up this deal?

Curb Machine [Harbor Freight]


30 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: Living on the Edge

  1. Brtus says:

    This has got to be one of the biggest piece of **** I’ve seen lately. I did this for a summer job during college using something similiar. You need four people.
    One to drive the truck, one to shovel hot top into the machine, one to guide the machine, oh and one with a FLAMETHROWER to keep the chute hot. Now throw in an electrical cord and this machine is not powered and it looks like the front wheel would melt in about twenty seconds. Hey but it is a good way to get a tan in November.

  2. Fred Clausen says:

    @Brtus: I had assumed the machine was for a thick concrete mortar, not asphalt

  3. Otis says:

    Yeah – definitely concrete, not asphalt

  4. koba says:

    What are you talking about? This is a freaking CURB machine, it uses cement, not asphalt.

  5. Nonetheless, the opportunity to use a flame thrower is appealing…

  6. Squidface says:

    No wonder Brtus hated his summer job.

  7. Brtus says:

    Ah concrete that would make a lot more sense, not too much concrete curb up north.

  8. Joe says:

    How far north are you talking about? I was just in Vermont this weekend and saw plenty of concrete curb.

  9. Aaron says:

    Vermont’s not north 🙂 Most of Canada uses concrete curbs. Even a few concrete roads.

  10. Lil says:

    I just got one a these, it is alot heavier than I thought it would be, built well. I cant weight to try it.

    But, ya still gota buy a mortar mixer, and those are not cheap. A decent used one is $1k if you can find it. And dont forget about the bed edger…$2500

  11. Lm says:

    Harbor Freight forgot the trowels. You’ll need to get trowels made that fit the shapes of the forms. The professionals use trowels, A do it yourself person will need to also.

  12. Lil, you might have me at the mortar mixer, I’ve never put down curbing before, but I assume that the concrete has to mixed very stiff. I don’t know if a regular cement mixer would be up to the job.

    But the bed edger seems a bit much to me. What are the chances that the ground is going to be the correct height to match the curb anyway, wouldn’t it just be simpler to dig about 3-4 feet into the lawn with a bobcat, then backfill to the curb?

    They are putting in curb and gutter throughout our town starting next year so I’ll have to watch how they do it.

  13. Lm says:

    A mortar mixer is best. A cement mixer will work, but it takes forever to mix. You use a real dry mix in these curb machines less than 0 slump.

    You’ll need a trench approximately 2″ deep by 7-8 inches wide. The trencher pays for itself if you are going to do a few yards (time is money), but if you are doing one yard use a shovel.

  14. Matt says:

    I was thinking of buying one of these for use in my own yard, has anyone used it yet that can review its performance? Anyone know the ratio (concrete/sand/water) in the mix for curbs?

  15. BOB says:

    THE mix ratio is on the pdf file from harbor frieght, done in 5 gallon buckets, says to use motar sand, anbody used one yet?

  16. Shane says:

    There is a huge issue with this maching… no trowels to match the forms, so you cant finish the curb…. The company has no answer to this problem. Anyone else have any luck?

  17. Yanky says:

    Look at any curb machine web and you will see how the trowels are so sinple to make. Just a reasonable thickness metal and bend to match the shoot shape then weld a vertical piece on top with a small pipe on top.

  18. HEDGEDOGS says:

    Ok guys…….all in all, has ANYONE baught one of these…..I might buy one…has .anyone ELSE …….does it work? The trowel issue that I have seen, is for making joints, etc……to make them look like bricks. Anqiously awaiting reply………later………MM

  19. Lm says:

    Trowels can be bought at http://www.curb-king.com/catalog/harborFreight.htm You will need trowels to finish the curb. The brick look is made with stamps or rollers.

  20. Jeffrey Pitchford says:

    Hello bought one of these machines last year. Works great for the price. On the trowel issue i just called a competitor and ordered the slant and mower style. They arnt quite the same shape but close enough. I bought a used mixer for 450 and rebuilt it from the ground up. cost another 150 im currently having sand delivered to job sites. making a killing

  21. jason p says:


    May 21st, 2008 at 5:26 pm
    Ok guys…….all in all, has ANYONE baught one of these…..I might buy one…has .anyone ELSE …….does it work? The trowel issue that I have seen, is for making joints, etc……to make them look like bricks. Anqiously awaiting reply………later………MM

    Well, i dont own one. My father does, and from what i recall about it is that what they are refering as a trowel is the slip form. This is what makes the shape of the concrete curb. but to answer your question as far as brick looks, there is a hand held roller that you roll over the layed concrete that gives you the look of bricks and or rocks. I dont know how pleasing this method works, but the one dad uses is actually a rubber stencil that he lays on the concrete as it gets stiffer, and lightly taps with his hand flat to make the impressions.

  22. Noel camp says:

    Im trying to buy one of these but Harbor frieght doesnt show any of these units, any input would be appreciated! Thanks

    • Mike says:

      I have one that is for sale, has never been used. I am in central Texas if you are interested.

      • Derek Sean Scott says:

        Mike, I may be interested in buying your tiger claw, (d
        Nepending on price of course) 9750 variable angle recipient saw. Mine recently was stolen, and I really like those saws.

  23. Chris says:

    Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues. Used ones pop up. I just found one for 400 bucks with trowls

  24. Vito says:

    They don’t sell the curbing machine at harbor freight, they use to sell it online for about 1,500 new.

  25. Russell says:

    Im in Washington and want to buy one how can i enyone know?

  26. Pul Hughes says:

    Do you export to Australia and are yours specs to Australian standards of 240 v

  27. Jose Ronquillol says:

    How long it will take to arrive.. I live in Grand Junction Co area

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