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Wearing steel-toed boots can really be a drag. You’re certainly less likely to have your toes severed or crushed, but there’s a price to pay in terms of weight. Steel toed boots are heavy and can suck the warmth right out of your feet. But Wolverine now offers CarbonMAX boots — a sturdy work boot with a carbon fiber toe cap that’s just as strong as steel, but only weighs half as much.

The 8″ CarbonMAX is an all-leather boot with a slip resistant sole. The carbon fiber toe cap meets the same ASTM F2413-05 requirements as steel-toes. And the carbon cap’s non conductive nature also lessens the risk of electrical shock in charged environments.

Wolverine also offers thermally-insulated versions. Depending on your chosen retailer, you can have either in the $110 to $130 range.

CarbonMAX Boots [CompositeToeBoots.com]
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6 Responses to Wolverine’s CarbonMAX Work Boots

  1. Chris Byrne says:

    Carbon fiber also wont bend and cut your toes; requiring it be cut off with a cutoff wheel.

    A useful advantage there I think.

  2. Steve Fine says:

    I’m a Telecom Lineman and I wear Timberland Titan shoes. They have a Titanium toe and are the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. They are also extremely light. They’re even more comfortable than my sneakers.

  3. Hello Moto says:

    Well Titanium is about 40% lighter then steel, so if the carbon is half it would still be slightly lighter (~10%). I have to say, if these caps break instead of bending and cutting off your toes under immense loads, then this seems like a much better alternative, not for the weight/warmth but for the safety of having your toes crushed instead of being cut off.

    On second thought, I will avoid the need for them as long as possible.

  4. Mike says:

    I would rather have my toes cut off clean with the possibility of reattachment than have them crushed with no option but to cut them off anyway. Just my opinion – I like the boots, though.

  5. Charlie says:

    It’s funny that they say carbon fiber is not conductive. I know of at least two accidents that happened because people forgot that carbon fiber was conductive. No serious injuries in either case, but some smoke and damage. It may be that the fibers are sealed in epoxy well enough that it’s hard to make contact to them, but I’m not sure I want to buy my electrical hazard rated boots from a company that doesn’t know that carbon fiber conducts.

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