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It’s almost guaranteed that I’ll get my car stuck this winter. I have a knack for it. Usually I end up calling my brother and he begrudgingly comes and yanks me out, because I’m too lame to carry a tow strap. I’ve owned tow straps in the past, but I usually lose them or they get damaged. Smartstrap’s retractable tow strap offers a solution that automatically keeps its strap neatly wrapped and ready to go — a solution that’ll probably even work for a lamer like me.

The Smartstrap is a 14′ nylon strap with a 10,000 pound breaking and a 3,333 pound safe working capacity. The strap is spring-loaded to pay out symmetrically as you apply tension to it. This tension prevents jerking and keeps it out of the dirt — dirt that causes excessive wear on these kinds of woven materials. It winds itself into the central hub, preventing tangles as well as making it very easy to store.

It retails for about $25.

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4 Responses to A Self-Stowing Strap

  1. Blind says:

    After having to get my truck pulled out of the sand (go go broken 4×4) and watching the chain being used snap, I’m going to not use my strap for anything much more then gentle pulls and tie downs. I’m going to have to get a chain for anything that will actually put stress on the tow cable of choice..

  2. Aaron says:

    Make sure you use a Recovery Strap and not a Tow Strap when pulling a vehicle out with another vehicle. The difference is that a recovery strap has some spring to it and will stretch out a little when given a yank vs the tow strap just being super rigid having no give. Chains or steel cable is not recommended either unless used with a winch. Always put a blanket over the cable/chain/strap about half way between to keep it from flying into anyone/thing if it breaks.

  3. Jose says:

    Super Straps are awesome recovery straps. No hooks needed. Just google Super Strap & check em out.

  4. Rob says:

    I agree with Aaron there
    I have a small collection of straps now for recovery and towing
    I would way rather use a strap than chain or cable

    you don’t need a blanket on a strap or a chain
    they should both fall when broken but cable and ropes can be deadly
    also never use a trailer ball to pull with or on I have seen 2 snap off now on of which went through the cab of the stuck truck like a small cannon ball

    straps when used properly are the safest way to recover a vehicle with out a winch don’t for get the shackles

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