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Elmer the Bull — yes, he’s Elsie the milk Cow’s husband — has been helping woodworkers stick projects together for over 60 years now. Now the famous bull brings us some really handy stuff: stainable wood glue.

Normal wood glue doesn’t stain well — or at all really. So instead of making it green or hot pink to let you know when you have some areas showing, Elmer’s designed glue that excepts stain. The new glue contains “real wood fiber” (read: sawdust). The fiber accepts stain, hiding the glue.

So hopefully this adhesive won’t leave you crying over your latest project after you found a few drops of glue that escaped sanding — and stand out like a sore, um, glue spot.

Street pricing starts at $3 for a 16 oz. tube.

Stainable Wood Glue [Elmer’s]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


3 Responses to Elmer’s Stainable Wood Glue

  1. Frank Hicinbothem says:

    As you always should, test this before using it on a project. My experience is that while does take stain, it doesn’t stain the same as the surrounding wood. Also, it stains best with darker gel stains, very poorly with light stains, and hardly at all with Minwax Natural, which is what I use 75% of the time.

  2. Trevor D. says:

    Elmer’s Glue advertisement on YouTube…


    “Elmer’s Glue… this is some sticky shit.”


  3. I’m going on 70 and used Elmer’s in woodshop in the 6th grade and ever since. Its’ great glue.
    Correction: When you say the glue is stainable you say it excepts stain, quote: “…that excepts stain.” I think the proper words is “Accepts”. “Excepts” means it doesn’t receive stain, or that it will stain everything EXCEPT wood.

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