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Here’s another tool guaranteed to help holiday shoppers please their gadget-loving friends and family: Skil’s new li-ion Power Wrench. Based on Skil’s proven 7.2V li-ion batteries, the power wrench can maintain its charge even when stashed away for up to 18 months. And with a reversible 1/4″ square drive, the Power Wrench can do just about everything that a socket wrench can do, only quicker and easier.

Don’t let this wrench’s compact and lightweight size fool you – it can exert up to 75 in-lbs of torque — plenty for tightening up that Ikea furniture. And if your needs exceed the capabilities of the wrench, you can lock it into manual mode, which can handle up to 400 in-lbs of arm-supplied torque.

With its thin profile, the Power Wrench easily fits into tight corners. Heck, the Power Wrench could probably access narrower locations than the Bosch I-Driver, and with only a hair less torque!


The slim charger is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible so you can stash it out of the way, or even on the wall. The Power Wrench also charges in about three hours, so don’t wait until you need it to recharge it. And since the charger features something called Skil’s Smart Charge System, you can probably safely store the Power Wrench in its cradle to ensure it’s always fully charged.  Also included with the kit is a 17-piece accessory bit set.

With a street price of $60, the Power Wrench would make a great gift for yourself or others. Many retail locations are carrying this ahead of the holidays, and Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears are all shipping it for free. Amazon is offering free standard (not quite as slow as a snail “super saver”) shipping, as well.

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6 Responses to Skil Li-Ion Power Wrench — Holiday Gift Galore

  1. This looks like a cool idea, not $60 cool, but if the price drops somewhat I might pick one up — or maybe the harbor freight equivalent

  2. Davie says:

    This is a great tool. I’ve used it a couple of times around the house and it works great. After you’ve used all the torque you can get it turns it self into a regular socket wrench, which is perfect. As you said Stuart, a great gift for a DIY’r

  3. Zathrus says:

    Well Benjamen, it’s now $20 at HD on yellow tag clearance. Pretty tempting for that price.

  4. mahadeo ramphal says:

    i want to buy this skill lion power wrench and socket extension power adapter to drill .

  5. Michael Andelson says:

    I own one of these Li-ion power wrenches and found it to be a great product when it worked. However, now when I press the power button/switch the wrench turns a half turn and stops. I have tried to trouble shoot the micro switch but now believe the problem may be in the electronics. Has anyone had this problem or have a fix? Is it the diode mounted next to the switch? Something else?

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