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Now you have absolutely no excuse for owning both a pair of dirty work gloves for out in the shop and a pair of clean gloves for moving furniture and such. Harbor Freight, who normally offers these split-leather work gloves for $3, has them marked down to $1.

Buy early. Buy often.

Split Leather Work Gloves [Harbor Freight]


4 Responses to Dealmonger: Leather Work Gloves For $1

  1. rick says:

    I have a lot of these gloves. The wife and I tend to go through them pretty fast doing a lot of yard work. They hold up great and feel very comfortable. Sometimes a little of the black dye rubs off on your hands after hours of work. but I only had that happen twice in over a year of using a half dozen pairs. great protection.

  2. RobD says:

    These gloves bleed badly on your hands.

  3. John Laur says:


    I was coming here to post exactly the opposite. I bought a pair of these once because — well they are cheap right? I wore through the fingers in about 2 hours (no lie) doing demo work. I also came out of the deal with orange hands. At least I was only out a couple of bucks. I guess they would hold up raking leaves or something, but don’t expect them to take any real abuse.

  4. Evan N. says:

    I think they are the best for what Chuck mentions–moving. I made the mistake of using my mechanic’s gloves for moving last time, and every box had two greasy hand prints, as did some of the furniture … so I have some of these to use for “clean gloves” when moving. Because no matter how many times you wash them, you just can’t get all the grease out of your mechanic’s gloves.

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