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My shop often felt like a Vegas casino — there’s lots of things going on there, there wasn’t a clock on the wall, and I tended to lose all track of time. But now my problem’s solved. I recently ran across a sweet garden clock that’s actually perfect for wood shop use. Why? It also displays temperature and humidity — important to anyone who’s ever applied stain.

And humidity and temperature are almost as important to woodworking as the tools you build with. Wood breathes differently in different weather conditions, and being able to semi-accurately call how the lumber is going to react is worth tons more than the $20 you have to shell out for this clock.

Also, it looks cool.

Garden Clock [Lowes]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


6 Responses to Clock Around the Shop

  1. Nick Carter says:

    I have a Deere tractor clock in my shop. Runs on batteries. Now that the batteries are near dead the hand just oscillates between 11:45 and 11:46
    I really should replace that battery.

    But if I did then I’d know when to stop a project rather than getting wrapped up in it until the wee hours.

  2. Rob says:

    I’m in the same boat. My battery powered clock no longer is keeping good time so I probably spend more time in the shop than I should. I did just pick up one of those GE clocks from the ’60’s you’ve seen in every classroom and government building but I need to install an outlet to use it. Ah well.

  3. Fletcher says:

    I’ve built a series of clocks from old hubcaps (a pair of `30-`40s Ford V8 caps, a Crosley, etc.); with cheap Hobby Lobby mechanisms and using a Dremel with a fine router bit to carefully cut the letters out (most of these hubcaps have two layers of sheet metal; cut through one and there’s still metal backing it, for it bit of a relief looks.) Currently in the shop, though, is a nifty looking garage sale score that’s kind of shaped like a porthole. Swapped out the original non-working AC powered electric guts with a modern quartz box, printed up a nice new face, cleaned and painted it up and it looks great.

  4. Fletcher, I’d love to see some of those hubcap clocks! I’m not a big car buff but something about that concept just oozes style. Flickr photo pool, perhaps?

  5. Teacher says:

    I just picked up a $5 clock from Mao Mart until my dad bought me a Craftsman clock made fom a saw blade.

  6. I like the hygrometer and thermometer option on the clock. It sure beats my talking Homer Simpson clock I have in the shop now. It scares the S@$# out of me every hour on the hour when he starts talking. Probably not the best clock for the shop.

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