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Virutex Door Lifter

Lifting the door while simultaneously aligning the hinges is a bitch — probably the hardest part of installing a door by yourself. The Virutex door lifter simplifies the task, and is easier on your foot, too.

A soft material covers the door lifter’s adjustable frontal platform to protect the door from scratches. And to make positioning doors up to 420¬†pounds easier, the door lifter pivots both sideways and up and down on it’s foot. It’s also compact and only weighs two pounds, which means the door lifter transports easily so you always have it when you need it.

Virutex appears to be the only supplier of this particular door lifter, but Randpro and a few British companies make similar products. At the $80 Virutex charges, this might not be a tool for the homeowners box, but if you install doors regularly I can see this tool being indispensable.

Door Lifter [Manufacturer]


4 Responses to Install and Remove Heavy Doors The Easy Way

  1. Wheels17 says:

    Or a 1x1x6 scrap and a flat bar…

  2. Mike lee says:

    For 80 bucks, I can make a couple of these devices.

  3. Mel E. says:

    I’ve used these before on a few commercial door installs. they are pretty slick and beat a flatbar hands down.

  4. Brau says:

    For $80 it should hold the door up when I take my foot off the lever. Until then I’ll keep using my ol’ $10 flatbar.

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