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There’s been a dearth of shop pictures posted to the photo pool lately. But maybe the tide is turning with BobbyMikeWalters’ post of this photo of his shop. He writes in comments: “Yes, I work here. And I make a living. Heh.”

This, by the way, is our definition of a “good” shop: one that actually sees use. A beautiful shop that stays clean because nothing ever generates sawdust, metal chips, or grinding debris within it is (by our definition) a bad shop.

Thanks for the post, Bobby. And thanks for reminding us that we need to get out and dirty up the Toolmonger shop a bit this week, too.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to Glove Winner: Bobby Walters’ Shop

  1. forlerm98022 says:

    i sure like that drill press you have.well lit shop mine is like working in a cave in the winter time

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