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Getting off your ass doesn’t mean you have to build something. If you’re still too work-week weary to pick up a hammer, just do a little research to find your local mill and hop in the truck for a visit. Though most people have no idea they exist anymore, mills are a great direct source for trim, moulding, and rare lumber. For example, we recently discoved a mill near the Toolmonger offices that sells mesquite. Great stuff!

(Thanks, Egan Snow, for the great cc-licensed photo.)


3 Responses to Project: Visit Your Local Mill

  1. Michael W. says:

    Great idea.
    I get most of my wood from a local, family owned mill, Hankle Lumber. The owner has a great eye for figure and is an artist when it comes to milling his wood.
    There’s nothing like going through stacks of planed lumber, just looking….

  2. Bill Schuller says:

    Hey Chuck – Save this suburbanite Metroplexer some trouble, what’s the name of the local mill?

  3. ned.ludd says:

    And if you go there, Chuck, how about some pics instead of the stock/cc shot (from flikr?)?

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