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Did you get off your ass yesterday and spend some time in the shop making your life better? If not, don’t worry: you still have one day left before Get Off Your Ass Weekend ends and you return to the grind. To help you make the most of it, we’ve collected projects from some of the other sites we haunt when we’re not writing and will share them all day today.

And if you get a chance, post some pictures of your GOYAW project work in the Toolmonger photo pool for a chance to win some work gloves. See you on the flip side — with some new projects completed and out-of-the-way!


One Response to Get Off Your Ass Weekend, Day Two

  1. Zathrus says:

    What do you mean last day? Some of us have a three day weekend! Muhahahaha! (Ok, yes, this is the first company I’ve ever worked at that gives Armistice/Vetran’s day off; probably because it’s a European company).

    And yes, I’ve been productive — nearly finished with some lawn tool hangers for the garage. If I get around to it, I’ll post some pics int he flickr pool — the workbench is new as well.

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