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Looking for a less practical (but more fun) weekend project? Makezine’s Bre Pettis put together a great video that shows you how to build your own T-shirt cannon for about $75. He also includes a PDF with plans and supply lists. You now have no excuses whatsoever to get in the way of shooting T-shirts.

T-Shirt Cannon — Weekend Projects PDFcast [Make]


One Response to Project: DIY T-Shirt Cannon

  1. rick says:

    I made one of these a few years ago. Nearly identical. I have uploaded pictures to the flikr pool and uploaded a video to youtube. The gun works great. I use a thick walled copper pipe to fire baby carrots. The air chamber is massively oversized. On the plus side when you fire it, the rapidly expanding air condences and looks pretty neat. This is the pvc barrel so it was easy to machine and I have ported the barrel. The PVC flexes too much and I have switched to copper.

    Check out the pictures and the video. Its worth a minute or two of your time.



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