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If you’ve been bemoaning your back yard’s lack of entertainment accoutrements, why not build yourself a sweet deck? It’s not nearly as hard as decking companies would like you to think, though we won’t kid you — it’s not a one-afternoon project. And planning before you start will not only save you a lot of time — it’ll assure you complete the project.

If you think you might be up to the task, check out this interesting how-to and summary of new innovations from DoItYourself.com. It’ll get you pointed in the right direction and help answer some of your questions.

(Thanks, Rob Lee, for the great cc-licensed photo. And that’s a sweet deck!)

How To Build A Deck [DoItYourself.com]


3 Responses to Project: Build A Deck

  1. Must be nice! The only thing I’m building this weekend is a fire, in the fireplace, so I can warm my appendages after being in the garage for a few minutes.. :p

  2. Nordmann says:

    I plan to build a deck next spring, I am wondering if anyone has any oppressions on type of decking to use.

    Treated Lumber
    Composites wood like http://www.trex.com/
    Vinyl wood like products like http://www.procelldeck.com/
    Aluminum decking like http://www.lockdry.com/

    Thats a good picture of that big eared cat. 🙂

  3. Nordmann says:

    opinions not oppressions
    I need to quit blindly trusting the firefox spell check.

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