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Besides this week’s incredible top five as selected by Toolmonger readers, we’re joined by Nick Engler, a Shopsmith trainer, who tells us why we should all join the Shopsmith brigade. Highlights: we discuss woodworking tools and projects, cover a device perfect for blowing up rocks and concrete, and argue for and against the all-in-one tool concept. Remember, if you’ve got a question or comment you can call us at 866-718-9403. (Podcast Download)


2 Responses to Tool Talk Podcast #29

  1. Scott says:

    Hmmmm, someone you know should have a kid! Have you met your nephew?
    Good work bro! Good show, this the first time i have been to Toolmonger, I might have to start listening to these podcasts. They are much better than galactica but then again i stopped following galactica a long time ago.

  2. Steve says:

    When’s the next podcast coming!! I just recently discovered these and have already burned through the entire podcast library. Really enjoyed listening to the different uses of the shop smith.

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