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If you’re not sold on the traditional featherboard as kickback protection and you want something that’ll glide a little easier along your workpiece, you might want to give Board Buddies a try. Instead of numerous little “fingers” rubbing against your workpiece as you run it through your table saw, the ‘Buddies sport two wheels (that roll in only one direction) to provide constant pressure via a set of springs. The result: a nice smooth cut with no potential for chattering, and since the wheels won’t turn backwards you have the kickback protection you need.

A pair of board buddies will set you back a cool $50 on Magnate’s website. But you can find ’em for more like $40 with some careful Googling. And if you like what you find, Magnate also makes similar attachments specifically for your radial arm saw and shaper.

Board Buddies [Magnate]
Street Prices [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?] 


2 Responses to Smooth-Rolling Kickback Protection For Your Table Saw

  1. Bill says:

    If you do any amount of ripping these are worth the $$. They are mounted as to be slightly turned in to the fence so the work is always tight to it. When you reposition your hands there’s no sawmark from the change in lateral pressure.

  2. Tom says:

    I have a pair and have to agree, seconds best safety device on my unisaw. The first being GRR-ipper http://www.microjig.com/GRR-Ripper.htm. Although I have them at a perfect 90deg angle to the fence and they still pull the wood against the fence.

    To attach them to the fence I use high strength double sided foam tape to attach an 4/4 planed piece of oak to the top of my fence and then wood screws to attach the bases to the wood. I could not warp my mind into drilling into the biesemeyer fence.


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