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This is a picture of a building under construction — in Spain, I believe, because I heard about this from my dad when he saw the picture it in a local newspaper there. But this is what happens when people throw the plans to the wind and insist on doing things their way.

You might want to print a picture of this and hang on to it so the next time you think, “Damn codes!” you can pull it out and look at it.


8 Responses to Doh! What Happens In The Absence Of Code Enforcement

  1. Brent says:

    I’m not so sure this has anything to do with Codes as much as it does with stupid developers. I say developers because I’m confident the architects told them owner how dumb of an idea it was.


  2. Toolaremia says:

    For all we know, this might /be/ code.

    OK, but seriously, if I was building the building, I probably would have made that lamp post *disappear* magically some night.

  3. Don W. says:

    How could the builder/workers/foreman see this and not throw up the B$ flag? A little common sense can go a long way… This builder should evaluate who works for them and see if they should.

  4. Tom C says:

    They sure make good use of all their property, looks about the same as the building next door. They should have paid to have the pole relocated, or designed the building so their bolconies missed the light pole.

  5. Just wait ’til kids discover that, if they get their older friends to steal the sign first, they can slide down it like a firehouse pole! The openings look a bit too small for the parents to follow, which means a new game of “can’t catch me”!

  6. Trevor Dyck says:

    That… is amazing.

  7. roberto says:

    sorry for my english I am galician and i know this photo published in a local newspaper.it is only a legal problem whit the council .In galicia make a good jobs in construction. if yours want see news and oldies contruccion awswer me

  8. mda says:

    now they won’t have to buy a stripper pole for the living room and they can put on shows for the public red light district style

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