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Forrest Blade Dampener

Forrest promises that their blade dempener/stiffener will deliver smoother, quieter cuts from table and radial arm saws. This easily-installed blade accessory mounts on the outside of the blade to dampen vibrations originating from the blade, motor, and drive belt — a source of noise and blade throw-out.

Dampener size for a particular blade should be 1/2″ to 2/3″ of the blade’s diameter. For example, you’d want to choose a 5″ dampener for a 10″ blade. Just remember that you can only use this combination to make cuts up to 2.5″ deep as that’s where the dampener will contact wood. Also, you’ll need to remove any bumps or burs on the blade surface so the dampener can sit flat and tight against the blade.

Forrest makes the blade dampener in the USA from of top-quality saw steel. They harden and precision-grind the dampener parallel to within .001″, resulting in very little side runout.

The 5″ diameter blade dampener with a 5/8″ arbor hole — which fits a 10″ table saw blade — runs around $21. Forrest manufactures other diameters ranging from 4″ to 10″. Miter saw owners are out of luck, though, as the dampeners are incompatible with miter saws.

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3 Responses to Smoother, Quieter Cuts With A Forrest Blade Dampener

  1. Gary says:

    I’ve got a couple Forrest blades. The dampener isn’t necessary. Great blades tho.

  2. Yeah, ironically Forrest is probably doing more for the competition with this product than themselves. I’ve never used one, but I have had blades that might have benefited from a stiffener.

    I wonder how it would work with blades that have laser cut reliefs.

  3. Marc says:

    I was hoping I wasn’t the only one wondering why one of the best blades on the market needs a dampener. I used to use one on my old thin kerf blade before I realized I couldn’t detect any difference in cut quality with and without the dampener attached.

    Keep in mind that if you use a zero clearance insert on your saw, this dampener will limit how high you can raise the blade. Not a problem for most operations but in some cases, it could present problems.
    Marc J. Spagnuolo
    Designer Craftsman

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