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We asked for demolition pics a while back, and TM reader and photo pool member kayacabana provided us with some. Here you can see him in the midst of tearing up flooring.

Yes, he’s not wearing the proper clothing and safety gear for the job. Yes, he’s going to catch hell in comments for it. But you have to give him props for a) getting his ass out to do the work even when it was “hot as hell in Tucson,” and b) for getting the job done with “a HF air scraper with an underpowered PC compressor.” He says the low-buck gear “worked well and made a hell of a mess.”


By the way, Toolmonger’s photo pool is quickly approaching the 1,000 photo mark. If you haven’t taken the time to browse through ’em — and share your own — now’s as good a time as any. There really aren’t any rules there. Just post anything a Toolmonger would enjoy seeing: unboxing pics of your new tool, photos of your latest project, or a quick pic of a funky unidentified tool you saw at the flea market. We’re game. We’re Toolmongers!

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


5 Responses to Glove Winner: Bustin’ Up Floors

  1. Evan N. says:

    Ah, yes, safety glasses are often overlooked. I’m the most guilty of overlooking the safety equipment he remembered, however. I’m happy he’s protecting his hearing and lungs. Honestly, I’d rather cut my toe or chest like he could than have lung or hearing problems.

  2. mike says:

    The only thing that suprises me is that he doesnt have shoes on? He is wearing a dust mask to protect his lungs,hes working a long distance from his eyes and he doesnt have a 3 year old in unsafe conditons so i dont care and i dont think hes going to catch hell in comments from most commenters.

  3. Definitely – except for the safely glasses, he’s got the important stuff covered. Losing a toe is bad, getting black lung is worse. Losing an eye is pretty bad too though – maybe we should send him safety glasses instead of gloves?

  4. mike says:

    I doubt he would lose a toe, but he could step on debris and cut up his feet. Without a dust mask and hearing protection the job would become unbearable very quickly im sure. Im assuming theres no asbestos under the flooring…. …..

  5. Teacher says:

    Well, at least he does have flip flops on.

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