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To help prevent a foggy view, slap some Cat Crap — no, we’re not kidding — onto your goggles or other fog-prone surfaces such as scopes and face shields. Cat Crap, an all-in-one cleaner and anti-fog treatment, is claims to be safe for all lenses. And with winter on the way, maybe now’s a good time to try this stuff out — especially if you plan on hunting, skiing, or doing some work in the garage.

Crazy name aside, Cat Crap is actually one of the most popular anti-fog treatments, beating out the numerous creams, wipes, and homemade solutions, at least among the crowd I run with. Whether it’s a pair of skiing goggles, a faceshield, or a hunting scope, if it fogs up, it might be time to try some Cat Crap.

If you’re not able to find Cat Crap at your favorite retailers, check out Dope Scope, an identical product by the same manufacturer that’s just marketed for hunters instead of, um, cat fans.

You can find Cat Crap in cream form for less than $5, and the spray version for less than $6.

Cat Crap [EK USA]
Scope Dope [EK USA]
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4 Responses to Cat Crap Anti-Fog Treatment

  1. I once read that you can use used dryer sheet to keep your glasses from fogging up. I’ve had some limited success.

  2. I have also heard that shaving cream can do the trick for a bit, but when I tried it the results were inconsistent. Homemade solutions often carry too much excess with them – fragrance, oils, etc.

    I’d be willing to give unscented dryer sheets a try though – that might be easier to handle on the spot whereas products like Cat Crap are better as preventative products.

  3. Blind says:

    Only thing I’ve ever found that consistently kept my motorcycle visor from fogging up was the Fog City inserts. Only down side is that it worked so well to prevet the fogging that on really really bad days I would get some condensation.

    I’ve never gotten the anti fog sprays and the like to work, so now I just use them to clean my glasses with.

  4. Ray says:

    Back when occasionally had to where a full face APR, we used ivory dish soap to keep the lens from fogging. Put the smallest drop you possibly can on your finger tip and then rub that into the lens ’till it disappears. It worked pretty well, however I wouldn’t used that on my high dollar rifle scope, as the soap is a little corrosive.

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