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Ever had to stop a plumbing project because you broke a threaded nipple off inside a fitting? As often is the case, there’s a very specific tool designed to save your ass in this instance: for a few bucks you can snag an internal pipe wrench, which locks into the stub with an eccentric mechanism and backs it right out.

It saves not only the cost of a new fitting, but also the time and hassle of tearing everything apart. Street pricing hovers around $5.

Street Pricing [Google Products]
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6 Responses to The Wonderful Internal Pipe Wrench

  1. Evan N. says:

    Gonna go find me one of these immediately. I’ve needed one before and didn’t have it, am glad to know they exist!

  2. Teacher says:

    I used one of these last year(Got it from Lowes..~$10). It saved me from havnng to tear out some drywall to remove a broken pipe. It also saved me a lot of time, money and cussing. Even if I never use it again, it was well worth the ten dollars I spent on it. The only thing better than being able to go get one of these when I needed it, would have been to already have it in my plumbing tool box when I started the job.

  3. Zathrus says:

    If you need something like this, but for bigger pipes, then head to your local auto parts store and get a exhaust pipe expander. There are several sizes, and they run about $30 (or much less from Harbor Freight).

    I abused one of these trying to get a stuck tub drain out (the flange had ripped out in the process of trying to remove it). I’m sure it would’ve worked if I had tried it FIRST. Had to Dremel the sucker out.

  4. Keith says:

    Guys, you just saved my butt tonight. I had seen this posting a while back, and decided that it would be a good idea to stash one of these internal pipe wrenches (a 1/2′” size by Superior Tool – http://www.superiortool.com/tools/specplumbtool/05212.htm ) with the rest of my plumbing repair parts, just in case, and promptly forgot about it. Tonight I was changing out a shower arm, and the end of it broke off inside the bronze elbow inside the wall. Was wondering how in the world I was going to fix it without removing the shower surround and breaking open the drywall, and had actually started digging at the remnant with screwdrivers, needlenose, etc., when I finally recalled this posting. After bringing up the posting again, it finally dawned on me that I thought I bought one of those tools. Dug around in my plumbing stash, found the wrench, and had the remnant out in about five or ten minutes (making sure not to bugger the threads in the elbow). Thanks a bunch!

  5. Paul Hedeman says:

    I bought am internal pipe wrench – any tricks to keep it from slipping – could it be that the walls of the shower pipe have corroded so much beyond the usefulness of the wrench? Thanks

  6. Scott says:

    GARBAGE!!! Proto tool use to make an internal pipe wrench that was second to none, had 3 prongs that grabbed the inside of the nipple as you tightened the set screw

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