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Remember old-school Toolmonger that was all young, dumb and full of… vigor? So do we. Check out what we were discussing a year ago this week:

  • We previewed GearWrench’s Double-X pliers, though we have yet to try ’em out in person. Have you? 
  • I hate how car dealers add crappy pinstriping just so they can (try and fail to) upcharge for it — leaving the new buyer stuck with the stripes. If you hate ’em as bad as I do, you might give this decal removal wheel a try.
  • Sean found a sweet snow thrower cab that keeps you from getting covered with freezing snow every time you break out the walk-behind to clear the driveway. Thankfully we don’t need these down South.
  • If you’re planning on trying your hand at pinstriping — the real kind, not the crappy dealer upcharge stripes — you’ll need a brush set.
  • Everybody needs a collection of pointy sticks.
  • We laid hands on MAC Tools’ Foose Special Edition tool and box set, and pronounced it cool. Yes, it’s made overseas. No, it doesn’t cost $3,000. Yes, it makes a kick-ass Christmas present. (And yes, you can lambast us some more in comments about the fact that it’s foreign made. We like it anyway, and we have dragon hide. Flame away.)
  • We posted a hero shot of GearWrench’s then-new screwdrivers. Yep, we’re tool geeks.
  • We also posted an article about what we should’ve used to protect ourselves against spoiled-fuel fumes when we removed the gas tank from an old bike, but as readers confirmed, we missed the mark. We followed up with a better solution.
  • And we re-installed the engine in our Project Yukon.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for us to call out these great old posts. Try plugging your areas of interest into TM’s search engine to turn up hours of old-school TM fun. See you next week.


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