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After lots of internal wrangling, Stanley recently launched a public site dedicated entirely to the FuBar — everyone’s favorite tools for straigtening studs and breaking s#!%. In fact, with the release of this site — and the FuBar III — Stanley has finally embraced the FuBar’s rightful position as King Of Breaking S#!%: the site lets you select an item, then watch four trash-talking workers break it. Really.

(And when you see “King Of Breaking S#!%” on Stanley products packaging a few years from now, remember you heard it here first.)

StanleyFubar.com [Stanley Tools]


One Response to Stanley’s New FuBar Site

  1. Jim K. says:

    You know, I so rarely get to break S#!% it’s sad. I might have to do a remodel just to justify buying one of these. 😉

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