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Cable Prep 4375 Carpet Cutter and Drill Guide

Sometimes the easiest way to connect your TV to the incoming cable is to drill through the floor. Is it the best way? Heck no! But can you imagine how much longer it would take to get your cable installed if installers actually fished the wire through the wall and terminated it in a clean-looking receptacle.

When drilling a hole through carpet it tends to fray and the fibers wrap around the drill bit. Instead of a clean hole, you’re left with a tattered mess. Cable Prep, a company that specializes in tools for the Telcomm industry, manufactures the right tool for the job: the 4375 carpet cutter and drill guide.

The 4375 leaves a small circular cut in the carpet with no messy or frayed edges. (The carpet plug can be recovered and replaced should you decide to remove the cable.) The drill guide also protects against the drill bit snagging loose carpet fibers when drilling through the floor. The guide can accept bits up to 7/16″ in diameter, and an included safety cap protects the cutter blade when not in use.

To start the hole, position the tip of the cutter in the desired location on the carpet. Apply pressure on the knurled handle while twisting in a clockwise direction. Tap gently with a hammer if needed. When you remove the tool, it retains the carpet plug. Insert the drill bit into the hole to remove the carpet plug and then reposition the tool in the carpeting hole and drill through the floor.

You won’t find the 4375 carpet cutter and drill guide via your normal tool buying channels, but a few specialty tool places such as BT&E Utility Products sell the 4375 online for about $32. Replacement cutters cost $15.

Carpet Cutter and Drill Guide [Manufacturer]
Carpet Cutter and Drill Guide [BT&E Utility Products]


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  1. Fred says:

    The Ripley Cablematic CT375 available from Techni-Tool dors abot the same thing and acts as guide for a regular drill bit to bore the rest of the way through the floor.

  2. Corynn says:

    I feel like a complete blank, but what can I say?,

  3. Annabel says:

    Not much on my mind worth mentioning. What can I say? I haven’t been up to much lately. It’s not important. Oh well.,

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