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JustToolKits.com sells — wait for it —¬†just tool kits of all kinds. They’re an outfit that supplies industry-specific kits for professionals. Tradesmen can spend years putting together a kit that fits their needs, but Just Tool Kits provides a head start for folks starting a new trade — or even dedicated handymen that just can’t sleep at night knowing that their toolbox isn’t complete.

They offer kits for audio/video installing, fiber optics repair, and even plant maintenance. The kits contain quality basic hand tools from well known companies as well as industry specific stuff, like fiber optic terminating kits for example. And if their prepackaged kits don’t suit you, they’ll customize a kit for specific needs.

None of this comes cheaply, though. Their small basic kits run for just under $200 and go up from there. One nice detail is that they seem to be focused on providing sturdy cases to protect your investment.

Just Tool Kits [Official Site]


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