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Radians’ Concealer goggles — more popularly marketed by DeWalt — offer a number of features desirable in safety eyewear: they’re designed to be comfortable, provide reliable protection, and look good in the process. With soft rubber seals and an adjustable neoprene headstrap, they kick the crap out of those cheap-ass goggles you wore in shop class.

Of course, the same seal that makes goggles such as these comfortable can lead to fog or condensation build up. If you have to remove your goggles to wipe foggy lenses, then you’re momentarily leaving your eyes unprotected. To help control and reduce fogginess, the Concealer includes a ventilation channel built into the body, and the lens has an anti-fog coating.

You can choose between a clear or smoke-tinted lens, and if you change your mind or wear them out, replacements are easy to pop right in.

Pricing is a bit confusing since these goggles are marketed by both Radians and DeWalt. The only difference between the Dewalt Concealer (DPG82-11) and the Radians Cloak (DMG-11) is the color scheme and availability. With a street price of about $14, the Concealer is easy to find and has a more attractive color scheme. The Cloak is a bit harder to find, but costs $5-$6 less if you can do without the DeWalt colors.

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4 Responses to Radians’/DeWalt’s Cloak/Concealer Goggles

  1. Trevor Dyck says:

    those look sweeet. I’ll have to go check ’em out. Currently I’m using a (free to me) pair of Oakley Half Jacket’s with clear lenses for shop use (its good to know people…), but these really look more protective, even as close to my eyes as the Oakley’s are.

  2. l_bilyk says:

    I have the radians version… they’re nice

  3. Wayne D. says:

    These would be good for working on fiberglass since they seal around your eyes.

  4. Clinton says:

    I’m going to have to grab a pair of these even though I no longer do much that would require them. They look like they have my favorite two features from the two styles Uvex chemical goggles I own. I have one pair with a cloth stretchy strap but the rubber eye-seal is way too big (extremely effective but overly large and after awhile “icky”). My other pair looks almost identical to these but the strap and strap attachment isn’t as nice. That pair is the most comfortable pair of splash googles I’ve ever had and I used mine for several hours a day every weekday for about a year. Only problem was that they used a plain old elastic strap with the two slots and sliding buckle that never stays adjusted right. These look right on.

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