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TM reader and photo pool member Simple Simon posted this sweet shot of some tool souvenirs he brought back from Japan. Our favorite: the “GA-GA DUCK,” which appears to be an outlet child-proofer. As the package says (in English), “The peep is prevented.”

The prominent “made in Japan” information caught my eye. At first I thought this must serve the same kind of nationalistic purpose as “made in America” does here, but then I noticed that it’s in English, too. Is that for our eyes? Or is it duplicated in the Japanese text somewhere? (If any of you can translate some of these, please comment. I’d love to know what they say. Just click on the link above, and Flickr can show you a much higher-res version of the photo.)

Another thought: considering the history between Japan and China, I can’t help but wonder how the average Japanese feels about tools made in China. Can anyone — Simon, maybe? — shed some light on this?

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


4 Responses to Glove Winner: Japanese Tool Souvenirs

  1. Dave says:

    I think the GA GA DUCK is actually a cover for the peep hole of your door. It shows a shady looking character in front of a door with a peep hole and a happy woman and child in front of another door with the GA GA DUCK installed. Besides, an outlet cover that is “One Push Open” wouldn’t prevent children with fingers from getting to the outlet.

  2. TL says:

    I have a great love for odd Japanese tools. We have a Diso (Japanese $1 Store) oulet here in town which sells some things which just seem bizare here in the states. A set of drillbits in metric sizes? Check. A tape measure which only has markings in metric? Check. Endless fun at Harbor Freight prices.

  3. Simple Simon says:

    There are tools here that are ‘Made In China’ but they tend to be high quality and designed and marketed by reputable brands (Many U.S. ones)

    It seems that there is no market here for poorly designed/built products but any country can produce that now. The North American market will gladly accept cheaply made goods since price seems to be a large factor.

  4. Gapsard de Coligny says:

    At first I was ready to blast Simple Simon post…

    but then I looked at my workshop (in japan) Most tools are in the 2000-3000 yens range and to be honest… everything works as it’s supposed to do… No failure yet (even for the 990 yens -*pink*- drilling machine)

    I can’t understand what to do with my arc welding machine… but first it’s a 50hs that i use with 60hz current and second… I never used one before…

    Also, most if not all of these cheap tools are made locally, not in china (at least mine). I live in a medium town, but in the hood there are 2 woodworking shop/family run. 1 big rig repair garage, extremly fun to look at… and at least 2 metal sheet processing facilities (also kinda family run). It’s funny to see that they can mix all these activities without any afterthought in a city setting for example, the big rig garage is between a HUGE bank office building a the cable TV main office, and 1 street further it’s an expensive residential area (Benz in every garage) build around a huge kid park…

    Everybody think electronics when they hear about japan, but they are also impressive builder/craftsmen… With no clue for land occupation planning…

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