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Bics are reliable fire-starters, and they don’t leak in your pocket and leave little square burns on you if you forget to sit ’em out overnight before carrying ’em after refilling ’em. But how can you be cool flipping open a Bic? Answer: you can’t. Now you can have butane reliability and Zippo cool with the new Zippo BLU line.

(Ed. Note: I don’t smoke, but I often carry a lighter. How else will you finish the tip of cut nylon rope or activate heat-shrink tubing on the go? My point: lighters a great for non-smokers, too.)

Consistent with traditional Zippo lighters, BLU models feature kick-ass eye-catching designs, one-handed hinge operation, reliable flint-wheel ignition, and they are made in the USA. It’s the two-stage system that burns gas fuel instead of liquid that really distinguishes the new BLU lighters from their yellow-flame cousins. This new line of lighters burn butane gas to provide a hot, consistent, clean-burning blue flame.

There are a few subtle differences as well, such as a fuel indicator window on the side of the lighter, a Z-patterned chimney, and a slightly taller profile.

With street pricing starting at $40 for the most basic BLU, don’t toss away your liquid-burning Zippos just yet. Still, these new lighters look cool and burn hot – nicely done, Zippo!

Zippo BLU [Zippo]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
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36 Responses to Zippo BLU: Zippo Cool, Butane Fuel

  1. chs says:

    It looks way too much like those utter-crap 1$ butane torch lighters you can get at truck stops and gas stations.

    I expect so much more from zippo.

  2. Blind says:

    I love my zippo (inspite of it’s marked up price) and have been waiting for them to come out with a butane in the same style (Not their MPL), but this looks like little more then the metal sleeve that bic makes for their mini lighters.

    The button for the fuel release is weak and should be integrated into the lid so that it starts dumping fuel when it opens. Since they are keeping the flint and wheel they don’t need it for a sparker, so no reason for their to be the button.

    And honestly I’d rather have a cooler flame and not the torch in this package.

    For now it seems like a better idea is that third party butane torch that drops into the zippo shell.

  3. Pat says:

    I have one of the 3rd party inserts – cost $10, not sure where to get them now, the cigar store I got mine from doesn’t have them any more. Best of both worlds – good flame to light my cigars, and I get to keep my cool old zippo case. Plenty of places do very nice torch lighters for less than $40.

    Just remember to take them out of your bag when you fly. TSA have stolen several from me.

  4. MT says:

    Another good reason for non-smokers to carry a lighter: if you find yourself in the woods without enough warmth, you can try to start a fire. Hypothermia is a pretty common way people die after getting lost or breaking their leg alone in the woods, etc.


  5. tmib_seattle says:

    Probably not an issue with a metal case like this one, but I generally try and avoid having butane lighters in the shop. Grinding or welding sparks can melt through the plastic casings and cause them to blow up. A regular zippo doesn’t have that problem.

  6. mark aspevig says:

    The new Zippo Blu sucks. Do I have a lemon? Have thied everything; Vapor lock, temp, patience, etc. and still it is unreliable to ignite. What you get is a sore thumb. Been a Zippo user for decades but feel now that I’m the one who has been used in buying your fifty dollar lighter when a two-bit Bic is far better. Dropped the ball, Zippo!

  7. ron says:

    Me too , with the zippo blu, tgried everything, so i sent it back to zippo, 2.5 weeks ago…..still nothing. I hadnt even left the sheffield and sons store in anbotsford b.c. west oaks mall yet, asked if i could exchange it….asshole wouldnt budge! so in the same store he has a postoffice, so i sent it in thaT DAY With tracking, lost the tracking ticket:( i thought for a bit that maby he was selling knock off zippo blus, due to the lack of quality,and wouldnt make the deal right, i paid 78 dollars for the damn thing! son of a bitch!!!!!

  8. Jerry says:

    This is my second experience with a BLU
    I have had problems with my Zippo in regards to reliability. After using it to light a cigar, I sometimes have problems with relighting. It doesn’t expell enough gas to relight. I then pick it up much later and it works perfectly. It is not a question of little or no gas but probably a question of overheating or something. I would hate to send it back to Zippo with the same results.

    The first Zippo Blu lighter was a dud from the beginning. After the shop owner filled it, it lit ok. I didn’t try it till much later but it didn’t light too well. Then it just wouldn’t light much better than a small bubble. I thought it didn’t have enough gas but it simply did not work. And since this lighter does not have a flame control valve, you cannot adjust it to fix the problem.

    I am unhappy with it but I love the look. I hope that Zippo can fix these issues so I can send it back!

    • Sherri says:

      It is not the lighter but the fuel you put in it, if you use cheap, Fancy heat is one, butane lighter fluid you going to get burned. You need to you the best fluid, I used Zippo and $10.40 for two cans but once I filled the my Blu Zippo it burned clean and without any hassle each and every time. I would hold to a count of 5, then do again to make sure it was full, hold it in my hand, to make sure that the temperature of lighter warmed back up then flipped to start.
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10ZzAOhOKn0 is a great place to learn how to fix your butane lighters.

  9. Matt says:

    I have and am having the same problems experienced by Jerry. I sent my first Zippo Blu back for repair. One the first day I knew there was something wrong when I had to carry two lighters just make sure I could light my cigars. At first the Blu would light, each subsequent light would be a mystery. Would it light, would the flame quickly flutter out, would it not light at all??? The most embarassing part was when I got the serviced one back a couple friends and I went out. The serviced Blu lit one cigar (mine) and went nuts. There was butane coming out in 1/4 of what it usually is. Just telling by the hiss i knew it wouldn’t light. I continued to press the wheel and the button and then try to light it with no change. I gave up, put it into my pocket and asked my buddy for his Bic. Later after we were ripping Zippo I tried to show a friend and it worked fine. Go figure right? So the following day I decide to have another cigar, lighter lights it 1/2 way but dies. Now sitting here typing I can’t get the thing to not light. But if I wanted to have a cigar I could guarentee the thing would not light. I have e-mailed Zippo to tell them the problem that I am experiencing. I have not had a response yet but it takes them a day or two. Take that back, my girlfriend just walked in and I went to show her that it was working and now the flame barely comes above the flint wheel… Guess I’ll carry 2 lighters again and wait to hear from Zippo… I guess what I’ll tell all my friends: “Check out my new lighter… oh you want to light a cigar… you’ll have to use this other one…”

  10. Kris says:

    I have the same problems both Jerry and Matt have….exactly same problems and I just bought this thing…..great just waisted $40 bucks…

  11. Voxmorgan says:

    I too own a worthless Zippo Blu. It lights when it wants and not when I want it to. I came close to throwing it out, but my wife told me to mail it back to Zippo. The problem is even if they get it to work again I still can’t trust it. I bought a really nice Xikar Eris and love it.

  12. Bart says:

    Same Problem here (holland). Got my Zippo BLU today from Germany brand new, opend the box, filled it. Took me already 10 times before i had a flame. 🙁 I thought i didn’t fill it enough. I filled the lighter till it was completely full, NO difference!!!
    Still not working properly, have to press 6-7 times before i can light up a ciggaret. Now I just using my 4 year old reliable classic Zippo. One zip and it still works.

    I already sent an e-mail tot Zippo EU in Germany. I’m very curious what they have to say…



  13. Patrick says:

    I’ve also had the same problems with my first Zippo Blu in that it would light perfectly the first time, but any further attempts to light again would fail. I went out to buy another lighter to check whether this was a design problem or just a one off ‘lemon’. This new lighter worked perfectly straight away and lights successfully every time!! I’ve using this one now for a good few months now and it never let me down – I’m very happy with it! My guess is that these are just some teething problems as this is a very new design and that Zippo will hopefully sort out very soon. Luckily Zippos carry a lifetime replacement warranty – I’ll be sending my first one in very soon – so stick with Zippo and give them a chance to sort it out!

  14. jeno says:

    Samr problem.Cant type anymore,fingures worn.Bought in Australia.In the business worl you sort these problems out quickly.Zippo should refund costs and supply new lighter and when one is happy should they only pay for the replacement

  15. Larry says:

    I recently purchased a Zippo Blu (Gold Tuxedo $90.00 + taxes Canadian) and I’m sorry to say that I’m not impressed with it’s reliability. Chances are 1 in 10 it will light when you want it to. All you’ll get is a sore thumb and high blood presure. Got a $10.00 Ronson, lights everytime. Called Zippo Canada and was told I would have to send it to the US for repairs. (and to make sure I drained it and let it evaporate for 3 days prior to shipping. Guess I’ll have to hold open the release valve to make sure all the butane has evaporated) It’s bad enough one pays a good price for what they thought was a good product, Zippo I think wants to make more profits by selling you more flints and butane for all you waste everytime it doen’nt light.
    Poor job Zippo!!!

  16. Mark says:

    Same with me; I’ve experienced the failure to light problems with my Zippo BLU. Sent it back twice and the results are the same. I’m guessing this is just a poorly engineered product with no hope of ever operating properly. A complete waste of money.

  17. Alex says:

    I got my zippo blu today and it’s amazing

  18. Andy says:

    My Zippo Blu worked OK for about a week, then the flame acted as if it wasn’t getting enough air mixed in. It even went to a yellow “candle” flame for awhile. I followed the directions about tapping it to loosen the grunge, and it will work for a little while, then it’s back to the yellow flame again. I’m almost sure this is because the flint dust is clogging the air holes, so if I send it back, how long will it work unil I need to send it back again? The screw that holds it in it’s case is sealed with a clear rubber material, and you will void your lifetime warranty if you start taking it apart. I think I’ll take it apart, void the warranty, and place my experiences on websites like this until Zippo quits giving “Made In America” a bad name.

  19. Andy says:

    I forget to mention that the best way I’ve found to clean the Blu to get the flame back to normal is to quickly press the gas button several times while the lighter is upside down with the lid open.

  20. Andy says:

    I noticed my Blu wasn’t lighting, and found the gas wasn’t coming out when I pushed the flint wheel. The screw on the flint mechanism was loose, and screwed out about 1/8″. I tightened it, and it lit again. There’s also a good section on troubleshooting the Blu at http://www.zippo.com

  21. Bluto says:

    This may not make any sense but I’ve been experiencing that Andy, Mark, Jerry and Matt and what seemed to improve it in addition to cleaning it was replacing the flint with a new one. Go figure but it works much better now. I used OEM Zippo flints and Colibri fuel. I clean the light with a Q-Tip and alcohol and use an air can as well. Though it’s improved it’s not like the traditional Zippo that I’m used to. Those lighters just worked. I had 6 of them and the only problem I had was losing them hence why I kept buying another one.

  22. lee says:

    I fixed the flintproblem. How? I used a Ronson flint (red). This flint is harder. Now the Zippo Blu works perfect.

  23. Jeff says:

    THERE IS A SOLUTION! I initially had all the same trouble with my new zippo blu. Would not light everytime and when it did the flame may be small. THERE IS A SOLUTION! you must switch to the Ronson flints and invert the lighter and tap it on a hard surface often. Also open the lid and tap upside down. The problem is the flint dust gets down into the valve. Once you get the dust out it works GREAT! You will be amazed at the amount of flint dust you tap out after just a few uses.

  24. Jason says:

    I have had the same problems that many people on this forum (and others described) with inconsistent lighting ability and inconsistent flame height. Additionally, as a pipe smoker, I was disappointed to discover that my Blu goes out whenever I tip it upside down. I feel that the Blu is a disappointing product from a great company, and I hope that Zippo offers a swap-out program when they solve the bugs with their new butane lighters. In fact, I encourage anyone reading this to email that recommendation to Zippo.

  25. pluvy says:

    I FINALLY figured out what the hell was wrong with my Blu! It worked for about ten lights, then the wheel seized up. I couldn’t figure out what the deal was and put it on a shelf. Today, after dissassembly, I turned it upside down and whacked it hard on the table, and a small wedge shaped chunk of metal fell out. It finally works as intended now. That metal piece must have been in the wheel/flint area, and when I whacked it good, it fell out. The damn thing finally works!

  26. Rogerio says:

    I have the same problem here in Brazil…I bought it in USA, it is very difficult to light up and once I got the light it down suddenly…I am using original Zippo butane….I have tried everything to make it works but my finger is wear.

  27. LoPhatt says:

    I want my money back, this lighter is Chit

  28. wavey gravey says:

    zippo blue stated leaking so i brought it back and got a new one. the second one lasted 2 months and blew up in my face and left me with no eye brows sounds funny but it could have been more serious. i have sent it off to zippo to b fixed, hopefully proprly this time.

  29. LaPPa says:

    I own a zippo blu (rounded shape) and a zippo blu2 (regular squarish zippo shape). I have had little problems from time to time but nothing that can’t be fixed/ adjusted by you. The first generation zippo blu do have a problem with the gas staying on a bit after releasing the button. I have used them both whilst hunting in extreme cold, wet and windy conditions and swear by them. I can honestly say that 90% of the time it ignites on the first attempt. Simple things such as releasing all the gas and built up air pressure before refilling makes a huge difference in a more stable burning jet.I had an issue which I first thought was an air lock or problem with the fuel because I was noticing the jet turn into a long weak floppy yellow tipped flame with the sound of rushing air coming out at the same time. One trick to fix this that works every time is using the butaine refill can to spray gas over the jet flame burner until your convinced the burner has been covered in gas, wait a few seconds and light. Dont attempt this if you dont feel comfortable because you will create a small split second fire ball but the burner itself will be clean of the build up of residue thats usually blocking the tiny burner holes. My Zippo Blu has been dropped in water, in mud , sand and other usuall suspects that harm lighters. Still A1

  30. Brian B. says:

    The first one I bought was from a retail store. The lighter didn’t work at all. It may light on the first try or maybe not by the 20th try. I sent it in for repair.

    Not sure if they sent back a repaired lighter or a new one but it doesn’t matter. I’ve had it a month and it LIGHTS EVERY TIME! This is the best, most reliable lighter I have ever owned, disposable or otherwise. Give Zippo a chance. If you get a bad lighter, they will make it good.

    Brian Barnard

  31. Adam says:

    I have a zippo blu, and it is an amazing lighter. I’ve heard that it makes a huge difference on what type of butane you use. I use Power 5x super refined butane. Lights ever single time. I’ve also heard that if you use zippo butane, the lighter doesn’t work right.

  32. Walker says:

    Terrible … Not living up to their name ..
    Won’t light .. Hate it 🙁

  33. James VanderWeele says:

    Small flame since first refill.I’ve used Zippo premium fuel and follow the directions exactly. not what I’m used to in a Zippo lighter

  34. Nick says:

    My Zippo Blue uses more gas than my car, and my car gets me where I am going. The chances of my Blu lighting the first time are as great as winning the lottery. Will contact Zippo to see if they want me to send it in.

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