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Marvel 40 3in1 Router

Why spend the money to buy a separate laminate trimming router and spiral cutout saw when you can purchase one tool that will do both? Marvel — an MLCS brand — makes a motor-driven cutting tool with interchangeable bases and collets that allow you to route, cut, grind, and even engrave.

Spinning at a fixed 30,000 rpm, the Marvel 40 3-in-1 router features 1/4″ and 1/8″ collets as well as interchangable bases that combine to allow both routing and spiral cutting. With the 1/8″ collet you can attach the spiral cutting bits used in most spiral cutout saws, while the 1/4″ collet is a standard size for many router bits. The Marvel comes with a laminate trimmer base, but an included freehand sole plate base turns the Marvel into a cut out saw, too. A plunging and tilting router base handles routing tasks.

Also included in the kit are a circle cutting attachment for cutting circles up to 12″ in diameter, a straight edge guide, and a 1/8″ spiral cut-out bit. The kit comes in a plastic case for easy storage and transport.

Sold for $80 at both MLCS and Amazon, this tool is worth a look.

Marvel 40
[MLCS Woodworking]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


5 Responses to A Router, Spiral Cutter, and Laminate Trimmer All In One

  1. Baron says:

    OK, I have a set of plans to build a chair for my deck. I was planning on buying a jig saw (a nice Bosch), but when I started looking at them, I really need a router and a possibly a table saw to do some beveled edges, among other things. My initial reaction, as I don’t have the funds to get all the tools I want right now, was to just get the jig saw and head over to my friends to borrow his wood working shop for a little bit. Anyway, would this work well enough to replace a jig saw and such for a little project like these chairs (plans on the link): http://www.veramyst.com/about_veramyst/how_veramyst_works.html

  2. Bryan Brown says:

    As far as making free hand cuts or trying to follow a line, I hear these are hard to control. Where a jig saw is more linear and probably easier to use in certain situations.

  3. tooldork says:

    The plans and materials for the chair will dictate the most appropriate tools.

    If the chair will be made from drywall, this is your tool. If the chair is made from wood, wood products or composite materials, I would use a jigsaw for rough cuts and a router for bevels and/or decorative edges.

    An 1/8″ spiral bit is not ideally suited for cutting wood and will probably leave burn marks and really chew the bit.

    If you want a good palm router, look at the Bosch Colt.

  4. Baron says:

    Thanks, that answers that. I was looking into the Bosch Colt. It looks like it is what I will go with, that and the Bosh jig saw.

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