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Shoulder Dolly

The Shoulder Dolly supposedly helps you move heavy objects by supporting them on your shoulders, taking the stress off your back. One possible downside: if your partners slips going down the stairs, you, him, and that refrigerator are all going down together.

Two versions of the Shoulder Dolly are available: one is a more heavy duty “pro” version with thicker nylon straps and metal lifting hardware, ringing up at around $300. The more reasonably priced “light-duty” version features a claimed capacity of 400 pounds¬†and is constructed of nylon.

On either version, the straps loop over your shoulders and the lifting strap slips under the object you want to move. You get to stay upright, and the lifting is done by your legs and shoulders — as opposed to your lower back and arms.

The light duty version can be found for about $40.

Shoulder Dolly [Offical Site]
Street Price [Google Products]
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27 Responses to Shoulder Dolly: Lifting System or Suicide Pact?

  1. John Eisenhower says:

    Effin’ insane! I would never strap myself into one of those.

  2. elmegil says:

    I’ve seen them in use by professional movers, and if there’s no other way to move it, there’s no other way to move it. That said, I think if I have to move something that heavy somewhere that impossible to reach by other means, I’m going to hire it out.

  3. Brent says:

    When my fridge, washer and dryer got delivered the delivery guys used a strap system somewhat similar to this except that when going up and down stairs whoever was on the down side would shorten their straps to keep the appliance upright; it seemed a lot safer than the photo above. It’s also MUCH faster than an appliance dolly.

  4. I bought a set of forearm forklifts for $20 or something. Same idea, but only loops over your forearm. Likely not nearly as much lifting ability, but only one idiot has to die.

  5. artman1033 says:

    I have seen them in operation. WORKS GREAT!!! Like any tool, you have to use it safely.

  6. Steve says:

    LOL. Perfect caption and picture…something out of Onion.com. Expeced to have little comment bubbles.

    Looks like it would put a lot of pressure on your back. ??? Forearm forklift uses the biceps (providing you work out).

  7. der5er says:

    I’ve used the Forearm Forklifts before. They are awesome. If used properly, there is no strain on the biceps. At least, I don’t remember mine being sore! I don’t work out, and don’t have much biceps to speak of.
    Keep your arms in an L shape, hands braced against the peice you’re moving, and they use your back muscles just like the Shoulder Dolly.
    My guess is, too many people use the Forearm Forklifts incorrectly, so the Shoulder Dolly was invented. Though, IMHO the Forearm Forklift sure looks safer. I definitely wouldn’t use the Shoulder Dolly on the stairs with a fridge!!!

  8. Kurt says:

    I’m just thinking that I could use 2 ‘light duty’ versions for $80 instead of one heavy duty one at 300.

    yeah yeah. It doesn’t work like that.

    Ok, how about this. I order a large pizza and a case of beer and have the college guys down the street move the stuff?

  9. Trevor Dyck says:

    omg, I’d never use that thing. That just looks spookier than $#!t.

  10. Fred says:

    Yikes! Of course, this is the reason mountain climbers are roped together. The rescuers find all the bodies in one pile.

  11. Peretz says:

    I think its great I submitted it to toolmonger 6 months ago nice to see it up

  12. doug says:

    don’t knock this till you have tried it. I’ve been using a homemade set for years. there is no better way to move appliances.

  13. Mopardude says:

    Looking at the pic posted I had negative thoughts at first. I followed the link Jonathan posted for the forearm version and after thinking about it it does make sense. I think the pic of the 2 yahoo’s with the fridge is a bad pic or something. If you think about it for a 2 man crew a fridge really isn’t that heavy. What makes it a B*tch is its massive size and the lack of a good way of handling it. These strap systems seem like they could be the answer but I also say this without ever trying one. Might be something that takes getting used too.

  14. Alex says:

    The newer refrigerator’s are not that heavy.
    Mostly plastic.

  15. Samy says:

    I rather see the fridge roll and smash into pieces, than a human get hurt. This strap is a bad idea. No time saving, no expensive fridge worth human safety.

  16. Kathy says:

    LOL My husband and I deliver the NEW REFRIGERATORS that you say aren’t heavy. When is the last time you lifted a LG top of the line fridge, that weighs between 300 and 400lbs? Or a GE PROFILE front loader washer that weighs 250lbs. Try a GE MONOGRAM REFRIGERATOR, they weigh anywhere from 400 to 800 lbs. Believe me the new appliances are not “not that heavy”.
    We use these straps everyday….nothing beats them.

  17. ken says:

    I use this 6 days a week only 2 holidays off in the year. windows doors pallets fridges. I only weigh 140 pounds and my helper and I lifted a pallet of lumber about 750 pounds just to see if we could do it. and it did not hurt my back but left bruises on my shoulders for a week. I find it hard when i have to sinch all the way down to the ground in a sqauting positoun and then stand up keeping your back straight. it is like doing squats push ups and military press all in one. great work out.

  18. Don says:

    I bought a set of these to move a new front load washer & dryer with bases. Had to go from garage, make a sharp left turn then into utility room. These things work great!!!! Try and do that with a hand truck. No way, would have to slide it around etc. Had a new fridge delivered last summer and the delivery guys had someting similar. Have even tried going up stairs with a washer and dryer. Works great. Only down side is you should wear a jacket or something as it digs into your shoulders with heavy stuff.
    Don’t knock them until you try them……

  19. Alyn Furlong says:

    The tool is only as good as the user. Wouldn’t want to see these guys with power tools. If you actually watch the video of how to use this, you’ll find that they actually warn you not to do what you are doing.

  20. Dave says:

    I used the Forearm Forklift and it cut into arms so i got the Gripsystem it cost but with the shoulder pads and back support once i got it adjusted it was like a workout i felt the weight in my legs.. I also used one of the harnesses and strap to pull the frig out from the wall it worked great and i also attached it to a dolly i have used the single for all kinds of things. Also i could use my hands to open doors and hold thing when using the gripsystem.

  21. Tommy says:

    Well the strap works brilliantly seen it in action moving all stuff.
    it takes to smart people…..NOT to idiots like most postings on here.

  22. Ned Grier says:

    I have owned and operated a furniture moving and delivery company for almost 20 years in Birmingham Alabama. We occasionally use forearm forklifts. Also use the shoulder dolly system. It works great. We only break it out for REALLY heavy pieces. This shoulder dolly is brilliant.

  23. browndog77 says:

    I used to work for a mover & we used heavy canvas straps in the same fashion. Moved quite a few pianos that way! The piece should either be plumb upright or leaning toward the uphill side, Never downhill as shown in the pic. The lower guy has about 80% of the load there!

  24. Monkeycito says:

    I work for best buy home delivery for over 4 years I’ve been using the shoulder dolly for all the lifting it works great up or down the stairs you just have to know how to use them!!

  25. becky says:

    I just witnessed two movers using the Shoulder Dolly to bring a washer and dryer up the steep hill of the driveway, up the 15 stone steps, and into the house… I was amazed at how effortless the whole procedure was. I made a comment “I wonder who invented this contraption”– and was told that a woman had invented it.. Hmmmm. Regardless of the gender… BRILLIANT! The appliance repair delivery people had taken out the old washer on a conventional dolly- a hard landing at each step on the way down…. and the Shoulder Dolly was phenomenal– not a bump. Not a hard landing. No damage.

  26. NoNo says:

    My washer and dryer were delivered today. Two guys with shoulder dolly( a double strap version), Brought BOTH (at one time) up to my porch with no sweat. Looked pretty good to me.

  27. Eddy rosa says:

    I have twelve years working with it never have a problem save my back

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