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Pumpkin Gutter

‘Tis the season for the ritualized evisceration’s of America’s favorite squash. That’s right: it’s punkin’ carvin’ time! The Pumpkin Gutter takes what is arguably the least fun part of doing up your pumpkin right — scraping out the guts and seeds — and turns it a great excuse to break out your favorite new cordless drill.

The ‘Gutter is a $12.00 stainless steel drill attachment that resembles a paint stirrer. After you remove the pumpkin’s top, just place the gutter inside and let its spinning blades remove the seeds and stringy bits. (The manufacturer claims the seeds remain undamaged so you can make them into tasty snacks later.) The just pour out the pumpkin gore (“eeeyew!”) to leave thin the walls for easier carving.

Did we mention you get to use your new drill?

Check below for the Pumpkin Gutter’s great demo video — straight out of a horror flick. Notice the alarming disregard for power tool safety! Don’t try this at home kids!

Pumpkin Gutter [Official Site]
List of Retailers [GetCarvingQuicker.com]
Demo Video [YouTube.com]


2 Responses to Halloween + Power Tool = Fun

  1. JDobbs says:

    Awesome. I’m totally getting one. Not to whine too much, but next year you guys should cover some of these nifty Halloween toys mid-October. I’m carving pumpkins tonight, but don’t think i’ll make it up to Oakland (the nearest retailer to me) to get one today. I’ll let you know how it works next year.

  2. l_bilyk says:

    Those people should not be allowed to use a sawzall

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