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Free Wiha Lineman's Pliers With Orders Over $100

Wiha makes a lot of great tools, and they’re currently offering a free pair of lineman’s pliers when you spend $100 or more on their website. The pliers retail for $23, are made from forged CV tool steel, and feature hardened jaws and cutting edges held together with heavy-duty steel rivets. They also include soft vinyl grip handles which are oil and solvent resistant.

If you’re looking for suggestions on what to buy, I recommend the Tech Rack that contains 50 of Wiha’s precision series tools including ten slotted, four Philips, ten nut drivers, ten torx, six metric hex, ten standard hex, and a chip lifter.

Free Pliers with $100 Spent [Wiha Tools]
Tech Rack [Wiha Tools]


One Response to Dealmonger: Free Wiha Lineman’s Pliers With Orders Over $100

  1. Aww, crap! I just picked up a $20 set of Velleman nutdrivers because Craftsman doesn’t offer anything small and thinwall. If I had an excuse to shop Wiha before, I don’t anymore. 🙁

    They do have all sorts of interesting specials and deals on their site, though. Perhaps I should stop in regularly for suggestions and motivation. 😉

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