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Corner chisel

Sure, you could cut hinge mortises with a router and a template, then finish ’em off with a plain ‘ole chisel. But unless you’re a practiced woodworker, the results can look, well, less than perfect. What you really need is a corner chisel. Just place the corner chisel in the corner of the mortise, strike it with a hammer, and clean out the waste with a standard chisel — perfectly square corners every time.

And with Amazon selling the Grizzly corner chisel for $6, there is no excuse for sloppy looking mortises.

Corner Chisel [Manufacturer]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


One Response to Crisp, Clean Hinge Mortise Corners

  1. Teacher says:

    I have used one of these when making mortises for door hinges. ork good and much easier than a standard chisel.

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