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You never be too rich or have too many clamps. Here’s another to add to your collection; it’s the love child of a squeeze trigger clamp and a traditional bar clamp. The result: bar clamp reach with one-handed trigger simplicity.

Jorgensen’s claims that their design offers substantially more clamping force than other bar clamps in its class. Their new clamps offer a 3-1/2” reach with openings ranging from 10” to 54”, so you can use this for a ton of woodworking projects. The head is also reversible — as is common in this class — so you can use it as a spreader, too. The handle is made of glass-filled nylon, which makes it both light weight and (relatively) strong while the bars are high-carbon steel. 


Street pricing ranges from about $15 for a 10” clamp to about $25 for the larger sizes.

E-Z Hold II Bar/Spreader Clamp [Jorgensen]
Street Prices [Google Products]


13 Responses to Jorgensen E-Z Hold II Bar/Spreader Clamp

  1. Robert Blackmon says:

    I’ve had a set of these for 15+ years and I love them. Most quick grip type clamps don’t have any spring action in their design like these do and they’re reversible too. I’ve managed to break 2 of them and I’m always on the lookout for them at yard sales and such.

  2. John Wolfe says:

    I’m trying very hard to find these clamps and have had no luck. After weeks of searching ,the only reference to them has been your article. Can you direct me to the website where I can purchase several of the sizes?
    I’d appreciate it greatly.
    Sincerely ,John Wolfe wolfe119@juno.com

  3. joe davila says:

    I have the E-Z Hold Clamp and i’m tryng to understand how to cnfigure it for “spreader clamp”. Do you a pictorial diagram to do this?

    • browndog77 says:

      One or both ends will have a removable stop. Simply slide both jaws off and replace them in the same position but opposite order (with the pads facing away from each other)

  4. P Dice says:

    You can turn the easy hold to into a spreader bar by rem1oving the stop clampand moving be advancing handle to the far end of the bar, then reinstalling the stop clamp in the opposite direction. Do not remove the advancing handle because it is a son of a gun to get back on, if you can do it at all. I have 1 down in my shop disassembled, and have not yet figured out how to put it back together. If someone could send me a close up picture of the advancing handle, that would help me figure out how it goes back together. Thanks in advance. Pete

    • Jim Smith says:

      I have the same problem that P. Dice has. Was an answer ever received and if so, may I have that information?

  5. Ken says:

    I have just assembled a wolfclamp complete with springs etc and it workes fine.

  6. Jim Smith says:

    Can anyone show me how to reassemble a Jergensen EZ Hold II?

  7. E.Paul says:

    I Would like to buy 4 Mini E-Z Hold Jorgenson bar clamps

  8. Pete Masters says:

    I to have a E – Z hold 2 bar clamp, that has come to pieces, can anyone help, please!
    Has anyone tried to contact manufactuers
    about this?

  9. agedwirehead says:

    I have posted complete instructions for assembling the E-Z Hold II bar clamp, “How to Reassemble a E Z Hold II Bar Clamp,” on wikiHow, http://www.wikihow.com

  10. Mr.Clamp_JorgensenE-ZHOLD says:

    where can I boy many clamps?
    I need 40x in mini format “Jorgensen MINI E-Z HOLD II” and 10x in large format (for example 3-1/2” reach with openings ranging from 10” to 54” like on the picture above).

  11. BALLO REBORA says:

    i bought 2 many many years ago in Woodcraft store, i never sow them again until now, please let me know how and where to buy

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