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Need to install a several ground rods? Stop swinging that sledge hammer and just set your rotary hammer to “hammer only,” then¬†mount this adapter in the chuck and slip the hollow end over the top of the rod. The weight of the tool does the work —¬†and does it without distorting the end of the rod. Models are available for various shank types, and they’ll set you back about $80.

Of course, one crafty ham radio operator found a DIY solution, too: take an old beat-up chisel attachment and attach a piece of automotive heater hose to keep the ends aligned. It’s cheap too, requiring only a cutoff tool, some tubing, and a hose clamp.

DIY Ground Rod Driver [N4LCD’s site]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]
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One Response to Drive Ground Rods With Your Rotary Hammer

  1. Scott says:

    Used this several times for ground rods. Makes for quick work. Big help when a rock is hit.

    Could also be used to drive re-bar into the earth for pinning base course of planters and retaining walls.

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