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Dubbed the KATool by manufacturer Council, its “KA” supposedly stands for Kwik Access — but it could just as easily be Kick Ass. We hear that firefighters love this tool because it’s a classic fast attack tool, allowing you to tear up a wall quickly to check for fire extension, cut wires, clear doors, etc. And we hear they particularly like like the fact that it’s light enough to carry into a fire along with all their other gear.

Another advantage to the KATool is that it gives you the option of opening a wall up a little bit to take a peek or to tear the whole wall out — either way without having to return to the truck for another tool. I love the fact that the KATool can also lightweight metals like mobile home skins and metal buildings. That’s right: you can use this like a can opener to slice open a double-wide. How cool is that?

The alloy blade is made of tool steel with sharp cutting teeth and machined to penetrate and puncture with the front tip and chop with the back edge. The whole tool weighs just 4-1/2 pounds (for the short version) and 6 pounds for the longer version. You get either a 24” or a 52” non-conductive fiberglass handle with a D-grip on the end, so if you use it to slice through wiring in a wall, you don’t have to worry about electrocuting yourself.

They’re made in the USA, and they all come with a vinyl sheath complete with a velcro strap to keep the sheath on the tool. Though MSRP is well over $200 for both, The Fire Store is currently asking $140 and $160 for the short and longer version respectively.

KATool – Short version [Council Tools]
KATool – Long version [Council Tools]
KATool – both versions [The Fire Store]


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  1. JPS says:

    June 2013 prices have gone up a little:
    Short Version
    Product Number: KAT41D
    List: $ 268.60

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