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Here’s another tool for breaking s#@! from the firefighters’ playbook. It’s called the Rabbit Tool by most, although it’s officially the Hydra-Ram. Whereas many of the other fire and rescue tools we’ve featured require some pretty violent swinging force — or a powerful pneumatic or hydraulic power source — to get the job done, the Rabbit Tool just needs one guy squeezing the handle and the tool together.

It’s almost like a small bottle jack, but its fittings to allow you to break open a door. It doesn’t matter what kind of door you need to break, or even if you’re opening it at the latch or at the hinge. As you pump the tool, the two plates that start off together begin to spread out — and eventually separate the door from its frame.


Make sure you have your contractor and locksmith on speed dial though — you’re looking at a new door, door frame, and locks after the Rabbit does its thing. You better also have your accountant on speed dial, too, as one of these will set you back between $1,600 to $1,900 depending which model you choose: the Hydra-Ram I with a 4” maximum opening (how far the plates can spread out) or the Hydra-Ram II with a 6” maximum opening.

Hydra-Ram Forcible Entry Tool (Rabbit Tool) [Fire Hooks Unlimited]
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