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Thanks to MSA Safety Works and their line of NFL hard hats, you can now break s#!$, support for your favorite football team, and protect your melon all at the same time! These hard hats meet industry standards and (most importantly) feature bright, colorful logos that you can proudly wear in public. Not only do they look good, but these hats are said to be comfortable enough to wear through an entire game project.

At a street price starting around $20, these would make excellent gifts for yourself or others, especially with the holiday season approaching and football season already in full swing. And fo those of you primarily interested in noggin-shielding features, bear in mind that MSA’s plain hard hats can be found for as little as a quarter of the price. Most team styles can be found for $20 or $25 at Amazon, or for $20 at Home Depot.

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Miami Dolphins Version Via Amazon [What’s this?]


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  1. Dave Miller says:

    I’m n need of NFL&NBA hard hats

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