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Composite of all three Dawgs

It’s a pry bar. It’s a nail puller. It’s a hammer. It’s a pick. It’s yet another demolition multi-tool with a kick-ass name: the Demo Dawg. Designed by a remodeler to simplify many of his back-breaking tasks, the Demo Dawg helps remove drywall, tear up flooring and roofing, tear out cabinets, and even relocate a landscape planting.

The Demo Dawg comes in three flavors: the 30″ (wait for it) Big Dawg, the 20″ Mean Dawg, and the 16″ Puppy Dawg. For maximum durability, all models feature a hexagonal shaft. On the business end of the shaft you’ll find a wide, 22-degree radius blade for pulling down drywall, prying, and pulling nails. The blade is also sharpened for use as a pick. The hook-like end of the blade is meant for hammering and grabbing edges.

On the gripping end, the Big and Mean Dawgs include a super heavy-duty steel handle with a rotating padded grip — the better to prevent your hands from blistering after hours of destruction — while the Puppy Dawg gets a soft rubber grip handle somewhat like one you’d find on a hammer.

Made in the USA by Demo Dawg, the Dawgs are only available from two places that we can find: the manufacturer and McFeely’s. They’re not cheap, either. You’ll shell out $60, $50, and $30 for the Big, Mean, Puppy Dawgs respectively.

Demo Dawg
Big Dawg [McFeelys]
Mean Dawg [McFeelys]
Puppy Dawg [McFeelys]


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  1. daniel pexis says:

    hi, i really need to purchase that kind of tool wich i find a very good ivention for removing big nails from the green covers on a golf course. where can i buy it? thank you!!!

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