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Ok, so it’s not meant to be deadly, but it sure looks that way to us. This drill employs microwaves to drill through concrete, stone — and even glass without breaking it. And it produces no dust or noise, either. Of course, stray microwaves can effectively cook your internal organs if you’re not paying attention, so, um, pay attention.

This tool basically sends microwaves — yes, the oven in your kitchen — that creates a 2,000 degree-C hotspot in the material you’re “drilling.” (That’s over 3,600 degrees F!) Then it rams a steel rod through the molten material, pushing it out of the way.

Even this super-drill has its limits, though: it can’t get through everything. Sapphire, for example, has too high a melting point, and most metals conduct heat too well to allow a hot spot to develop in a specific area.


The technology isn’t yet available commercially. It was developed by some researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel, and while they’ve patented the technology, they’re still working to bring it to market. We’d guess it’ll do well, though, since it allows silent drilling of many brittle materials — those that aren’t heat conductive and don’t generate enough thermal stress to shatter. Not to mention that there’s no wear and tear on the drill, no bit to replace, etc.

Its creators also claim it’s faster and cheaper than drilling with high powered lasers. But there are some downsides — primarily the whole cook your insides deal. Yeah, I would put that on the con column.

The Microwave Drill [Homepage]


6 Responses to Flash Gordon’s Concrete Drill

  1. nrChris says:

    Seems like a good way to ruin the temper / heat treating on metal objects, too.

  2. They must still be working on the exposure issues since they developed the technology over five years ago!

  3. Rich says:

    Seems to beg the question, ‘How do I build one?’

  4. Trevor Dyck says:

    …and “external” organs for that matter… eesh. gives me the jibblies!!

  5. Peretz says:

    I believe there was a mythbuster episode about microwave cooking from the inside out and it was myth busted

  6. Whimsy says:

    Oh man, I can’t wait ’till the day that every household has it’s own tactical laser sitting in the garage. You know, for making holes in stuff. He. Hehe…

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