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Ever wonder how firefighters bust through interior walls so quickly to save kids hiding in the closet? Watch and learn: at Maker Faire Austin last weekend we held a competition to see who could get through three interior walls first armed with nothing but Stanley’s on-shelves-in-January FuBar III.

Our competitors: Megan Miller (of PopSci Future Girl fame) and her PopSci cohort Nick Mann.

The rules: tear through the three identical interior walls as quickly as possible with nothing but the FuBar III. Remove all studs. To stop the clock and claim victory, smash and shatter a pumpkin frozen in liquid nitrogen by Theo Gray, PopSci’s resident Mr. Wizard and author of their monthly Gray Matter column.

The victor? Watch the video to find out!


4 Responses to Toolmonger’s Demolition Competition

  1. Trevor Dyck says:

    What! No studs every 16″??? Thats no interior wall! : )

  2. Dr. Girlfriend says:

    See, who says you can’t have fun with just a wall and a nine-pound hammer? Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

  3. Nick says:

    Yay! Thank you. That was awesome.

  4. C20 says:

    That looked real fun!

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