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Join Sean and me for this week’s special break s#!$ edition of Tool Talk. As always, we also run down the week’s top five posts as selected by Toolmonger readers, taking some time at the end to call out a few posts we thought deserved attention, but we’re also joined by Mike Marusiak, Stanley’s global product manager for hammers and demolition.  Highlights: we dish on all the stuff we broke at Maker Faire Austin last weekend to kick off Toolmonger’s Break S#!$ Week, talk about pinewood derby cars and how far they’ve come over the years, and compain about the lousy service at big box lumberyards. Remember, if you’ve got a question or comment you can call us at 866-718-9403. (Podcast Download)


3 Responses to Tool Talk Podcast #27

  1. Tom says:

    So what happened to TT Podcast 26?

  2. He was so narrow-minded he could see through a keyhole with two eyes.

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