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Hurst X-Tractor C

“Better get the Jaws of Life,” is not a phrase that you want to hear after you wreck your car. But thankfully for you, your local emergency crews have the foresight to own Hurst’s Jaws of Life — which has snatched people from the jaws of death for over three decades. Now Hurst is introducing an improved combination spreader/cutter version: the X-Tractor C.

Lightweight and compact, the X-Tractor C weighs just 40 pounds. But it can produce a massive cutting force of 81,381 pounds to sever car roof supports. With jaws that open 14.1″ wide, it can also generate a spreading force of 24,279 pounds — enough to separate a door from the car — locked, jammed or otherwise. Attaching a chain to the jaws, you can even generate a pulling force of 10,554 pounds.The X-Tractor C draws its power from a separate hydraulic pump which Hurst also sells.

I don’t really care what the Jaws of Life cost. All I want to know is that my local emergency crews have one on hand to save my sorry ass.

X-Tractor C [Manufacturer]


2 Responses to When Life Depends On Breaking S#!$

  1. Wow! I would just love to have one of those around the house haha. How much?!

  2. Tylor says:

    10 to 12,000 dollars

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