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Anyone who’s seen The Terminator knows that robots are out to get us. Need further proof that Skynet is nigh? The Swedish company Brokk offers a line of compact demo-bots for all sorts of dangerous demolition jobs. They’re popular in the nuclear power industry where radioactive contamination is an, um, issue. These particular models are remotely operated via a wired or wireless control box — to limit the operator’s exposure to dangerous environments and to prevent fatigue from vibration — but it’s just a short step to sending them out to do your demo work all by themselves.

You can add caterpillar tracks and hydraulic outriggers to any model in the line to keep them stable, too. Brokk’s smallest machine — the “Brokk 50” — is only two feet wide, so it can pass through standard doors and can even climb stairs. Their biggest model is the “Brokk 330,”‘ which weighs 9,700 pounds and is more suitable for breaking up bank vaults or cleaning out blast furnace slag that’s still hot enough to melt lead.


You can also add a series of tools to each model’s three segmented arm. The most common tool is a hydraulic breaker, but concrete crushers, buckets, and hand-like grapples are available as well. And an electro-hydraulic drive system means that they can work all day without exhaust building up from an internal combustion engine.

Just remember: when the robots come for you, don’t say i didn’t warn you.

Brokk [Official Site]


5 Responses to Brokk Demolition Robots: Harbinger of the Robot Apocalypse?

  1. I hate to see the word “robot” diluted to encompass machines that operate only with direct human control. We already have a word for that, and it’s “waldo”. A true robot is at least partly autonomous.

    However, these waldos would make quite the platforms on which to build robots! I’m holding out for the version that includes a thermic lance. 😉

  2. Whoops, I meant to wrap that first paragraph in little bogus-HTML tags, [snob type=”language”] and [/snob] but it appears that WordPress ate them.

  3. Fred says:

    Robotic might be a more apt description.
    For other robotic devices – you might check out Penetek’s site:


    The market Moose and Squirrel which are robotic concrete scabblers used in the nuclear business

  4. Eric Dykstra says:

    I get what you mean Nate, and i was thinking about it. However “The Coming Waldo Apocalypse” just lacks the sinister tone i was going for. 🙂

  5. DC759KA says:

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