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The Gutster Demo-Bar Series II

Regardless of what other demo tools you own, you definitely need a big-ass metal bar. The Guster Demo-Bar Series II looks like a good candidate: it takes the place of a demo hammer, pry bar, scraper, and nail puller, allowing you to quickly swap from task to task — causing controlled havoc and mayhem — without stopping to grab another tool.

It’s a four-foot all steel bar that weighs just under 10 pounds. The chisel-edged forks on the end slip under flooring, roofing shingles, and siding, while the angled lifter plate lifts ’em up for quick removal. The forked head looks perfect for twisting out rafters, studs, and joists.

It features two built-in sets of nail pullers, too: one multi-nail set between the forks is raised to take out nails that pulled through lumber while two more are at the back of the head’s bars grab nail heads that are still set flush. The handle is covered a textured foam to improve grip, reduce vibration, and (most importantly) keep you from getting nasty blisters.

The best news, though, is that you can score one of these bringers of architectural pain for about $80.

The Gutster Series II [Official Site]
Gutster Retailers [Offical Site]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]
Gutster Demo Video [YouTube]


3 Responses to The Gutster Demo-Bar Series II

  1. James says:

    I searched box stores for a tool to remove sub flooring. I have 3/4 inch ply, then 3/4 MDF, followed by another layer of 1/2 thought out my house in non carpeted areas.

    Everything above the felt paper was glue and screwed and nailed. I tried crowbars, saws, shingle rakes, and stumbled on this bad boy. This is one hellava tool. It pops the screws and lifts the flooring with ease. It removes 2×4 studs without damaging walls effortlessly . The best $80 I spent during my remodel. Bought it at Northern Tool.


    • Allan says:

      Yes – I fully agree. This bar is one of those things you can’t believe you did without. On my first job, what was normally a 4 hour job I did in 1 hour – so I more than paid back the cost of the tool!!

      The cool thing I find is that I used it to remove floor also, but then used it on my deck in the spring, and have used it on quite a few interior demo jobs since.

      Started with the 48″ and now have the 60″ too. Bought mine at timesavertoolsupply.com

  2. Andrew Jacoby says:

    This tool looks like an improved “Pickle Fork” used for busting up old pallets. Moving this item into the construction / demolition market makes sense. The nail puller feature is good for busting pallets and salvage.

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