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Comparison to Grimlock the Dinobot

Many companies sell hydraulic pulverizing attachments, but Northerntrack offers what’s far and away the coolest one. Looking like a blue, mechanical Tyrannosaurus Rex, the F18 is the baddest-ass attachment Northerntrack sells — all the better for breaking s#!$.

The F18’s “wrist” type action is engineered to quickly crush and dismantle floors and low walls, while Northertrak incorporates a shear in the rear of the jaws to handle any rebar buried in the concrete. To make it easy to swap the pulverizer among machines, its mount bolt pattern meets standards found on hydraulic excavators.

Hydraulic Pulverizer from Northertrack

As you might imagine, this isn’t something you pick up at your local big box. You’ll have to contact Northerntrack to get purchasing information on the F18 hydraulic pulverizer or any of their other cool demolition attachments. Our guess on price: if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Of course, given a choice between pulverizers, how could you not choose the one that turns your rig into a ripping, chewing, blue dinosaur?

Hydraulic Pulverizer [Manufacturer]


2 Responses to Spittin’ Image: F18 Concrete Chewing Head / T. Rex

  1. jeff says:

    Nice work on getting a old school transformers cartoon shot weaved into the post.

    I’ve always wanted to use one of these attached to an excavator but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet. Anyone have any seat time with one of these? Is it as fun as it looks?

  2. John says:

    Me Grimlock say that ok!

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