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After watching this week’s FuBar III demolition demonstration, one reader commented that he’s surprised none of us was injured. Guess what? I was. You can’t see it in the video when it happens, but at one point I put the FuBar completely through the wall and caught my thumb on the wall itself. (I was wearing light gloves, ’cause I forgot my demo gloves.) The result: what you see above.

It actually doesn’t hurt anywhere near as bad as it looks. Really.


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  1. wayne petty says:

    when a finger or thumb nail is smashed like what is shown.. do not swing it…instead grab it with the fingers or thumb on you other hand and squeeze the heck out of it.. and hold it over your head while sitting down… stay seated for at least 10 minutes and keep you hands above your head. the idea is to not let the blood flow under the nail by holding significant pressure on the injured nail ..

    the theory is holding pressure to the injury keeps blood from flowing in under the nail where it will lift the nail up. holding it over you head reduces the blood pressure to the injury and lets the injury clot/heal sooner.

    if you do this properly…your finger will be sore for a few days… but useable tenderly in an hour or so.. or it will be totally disabling for days…a little pain now or a lot later…

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