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Truckman Firemans Axe


Firefighters know about speedy demolition — because their lives (and sometimes yours) depend on it. And one of their faves for getting through a structure fast is the Truckmans Axe. Over at firestore.com you can get your own Truckmans axe for just $55 — and just $75 if you get want a fire-retardant belt scabbard, too.

This axe pierces and removes wall and ceiling materials, chips, prys, gouges, tears, acts as a lever, removes trim, windows, door jams, roofing, siding materials, and metal sheeting. It also features dielectric properties of over 100,000 volts for cutting through wire, and acts as a nail puller, pry bar, and gas shut off tool. The head is made from polished forged steel, which is stress-relieved and induction heat-treated then mounted on top of a 19-1/2″ ergonomic fiberglass core handle in a polypropylene jacket that and can withstand 10,000 pounds of force.

If that isn’t enough for you, it’s also center-balanced like a framing hammer and weighs in at under 3 pounds.

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